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Super capacitor injection method and vacuum injection solution

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Update time : 2021-12-22 16:11:41

Due to climate change and the increasing reduction of oil, society is required to shift to the development and utilization of sustainable and renewable energy. Therefore, people obtain renewable resources from solar energy, wind energy, etc., and develop hybrid electric vehicles or electric vehicles with low carbon dioxide emissions. However, the energy of the sun at night is very small; wind energy can not meet people's daily needs; for the requirements of electric vehicles, people also expect to last several hours. It can be seen that the energy storage system has begun to play an important role in people's lives.

Definition of super capacitor

Supercapacitor refers to a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitors and rechargeable batteries. Compared with capacitors in the traditional sense, supercapacitors have higher specific capacitance and energy density; compared with secondary batteries It has the characteristics of high power density, short charge and discharge time, good cycle performance, long service life and easy maintenance.

Advantages of super capacitors:

Supercapacitors can be used in extremely harsh environments such as extremely low temperatures without environmental pollution. Therefore, it has broad application prospects in aerospace, national defense and military industry, electric vehicles, wireless communications, consumer electronics and other fields.

A supercapacitor is a new type of component that stores energy through the double layer of the interface formed between the electrode and the electrolyte. Electrode materials and electrolytes, as key factors affecting the performance and production cost of supercapacitors, have been listed as key research objects in the research. The decomposition voltage of the electrolyte determines the maximum usable voltage of the supercapacitor. At present, electrolyte injection is an important process in the production of supercapacitors, which also determines whether the supercapacitor can be industrialized.

Electrolyte injection

At present, the main methods of electrolyte injection in China are immersion and injection. However, due to the characteristics of electrolyte and cell materials, the absorption of electrolyte is very slow during immersion injection and atmospheric pressure injection. Therefore, in recent years, many capacitor manufacturers have gradually adopted the method of vacuum injection, that is, vacuum-dried cells are vacuumed to a certain extent before the injection, and after a certain vacuum value is reached, the electrolyte is injected to make it pass the negative Pressure suction greatly reduces the time for electrolyte absorption and improves production efficiency.

Guangzhou Ascend's technical team has been focusing on the research and development of micro-fluid control systems (low to micro-upgrades) since 2010, focusing on micro-injection of milliliters and micro-upgrades. Guangzhou Ascend took the lead in developing a high-vacuum liquid injection system in 2016, and provided customers with a batch of vacuum liquid injection solutions (0 to -85kpa). Up to now, it can inject liquid under the vacuum degree of -95kpa. Field verification shows that the accuracy and cpk value continue to be accurate and stable.

Features and technical advantages of Vacuum Liquid Injection System

  • High precision (up to 0.5%), high consistency and uniformity;
  • The high vacuum liquid injection system has a wide range of liquid injection, from μl level to ml level;
  • The high vacuum liquid injection system adopts a rotary reciprocating plunger pump, which has high speed and high production efficiency;
  • Single-channel, dual-channel, and multi-channel options are available.
  • The high vacuum liquid injection system is controlled by a touch screen, and the operation is simple and intuitive
  • High vacuum injection as high as -95kpa

Guanzhou Ascend is a high-tech enterprise specializing in fluid precision control systems and solutions. It not only serves most of the top 20 customers of lithium batteries, but also serves well-known capacitors, biochips, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. , Listed companies and multinational companies in the semiconductor industry, and overseas markets have expanded to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

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