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Explosion-proof TUV CE safety certified high capacity constant flow pump

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Update time : 2021-12-22 16:08:52

The development trend of electric vehicle long range, the power battery energy density and safety performance put forward higher requirements. As a key link in the production process of lithium batteries, the amount of electrolyte injection directly affects the electrochemical performance, cycle performance and safety performance of lithium batteries. The increasing capacity of the battery and the increasing capacity of the production line have put forward new requirements for the key equipment of the liquid injection process, "lithium battery liquid injection pump", which is safer, more efficient and maintenance-free. Guangzhou  Ascend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Ascend") newly launched  FSH-CF constant flow pump products, high-capacity constant flow pump to meet the new requirements of the development trend of lithium battery liquid injection, and design requirements in full compliance with the EU standards.

The FSH-CF constant flow 

The FSH-CF constant flow pump is a revolutionary product developed by Guangzhou Ascend for lithium injection, which breaks through the traditional thinking of liquid injection and solves the current problem of low efficiency and stopping the pump for large capacity lithium batteries. According to Guangzhou Ascend, this product has the outstanding features of up to 50ml/s liquid injection efficiency, maintenance-free design, never stuck pump, up to 0.1% accuracy, linearity without pulsation, continuous metering, and obtained the TUV CE explosion-proof safety certificate - the first explosion-proof certified liquid injection pump in China, providing the global lithium industry with a safer and more reliable The FSH-CF constant flow pump is the first of its kind in China.

constant flow pump product

Features and advantages of the FSH-CF constant flow pump.

1、More safety

The ideal liquid injection equipment should be intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and maintenance-free, so that equipment engineers and operators do not need to enter the workshop, but can operate the production directly through the network remotely.

Guangzhou Ascend's  FSH-CF high-capacity constant-flow pump meets this growing demand for safety, from component selection to system integration, all fully taking into account the explosion-proof production environment requirements of lithium-ion plants, and using maintenance-free design, engineers can fully debug and modify the liquid injection parameters via remote Ethernet, without entering the production workshop, thus realizing unmanned workshop management and automated production. Senior technical experts in the lithium industry have given full recognition to the FSH-CF constant flow pump for the safe production of intelligent unmanned workshops.

2、Maintenance-free design, never stuck pump

The FSH-CF constant flow pump adopts a new type of fully enclosed chamber, avoiding crystallisation caused by contact between electrolyte and air, and fundamentally solving the trouble of stuck pumps. The FSH-CF constant-flow pump is designed to be maintenance-free and never gets stuck, thus reducing the probability of front-line staff coming into contact with the electrolyte.

The FSH-CF constant flow pump uses Ethernet to communicate with the injection machine, so that the equipment engineer does not need to enter the injection workshop to change the injection parameters, but can do so remotely via the network.

The pump is never stuck, maintenance-free and frees the staff/engineer from the injection workshop, which not only reduces the number of staff in the injection workshop, but also provides a more comfortable working environment for staff to operate remotely, ultimately achieving continuous and stable safe production.

3. Higher efficiency of liquid injection, up to 50ml/s

With the increase of battery capacity and production efficiency, the high efficiency of the FSH-CF high-capacity constant-flow pump of 50ml/s is 2-4 times higher than that of the traditional liquid injection pump, which can better meet the customer's requirements for improving production capacity.

Some existing lines can be upgraded directly by switching to FSH-CF pumps. New production lines can use Ascend constant flow pumps to directly improve production capacity and efficiency, or reduce the number of pumps used to save costs.

4、Constant flow metering (not controlled by flow rate)

No restriction on the amount of liquid injection, continuous metering of liquid injection, compatible with small, medium, large and very large power cells. Product switching model, direct digital setting of liquid injection parameters, simpler and faster, is a must for soft pack power and aluminium shell power.

FSH-CF constant flow pump achieves linear liquid injection, no pulsation, efficient and smooth liquid discharge.

5、Intelligent closed-loop control

The FSH-CF constant flow pump adopts precision servo drive, digitally sets/modifies the liquid injection volume, and can achieve intelligent closed-loop control, thus significantly improving the CPK value, enhancing the consistency and stability of lithium battery liquid injection, with a higher rate of excellent products.

According to Guangzhou Ascend, its new FSH-CF constant flow pump has been verified and approved by the production line of famous lithium battery companies for a long time. The new product with high quality and higher liquid injection efficiency will once again elevate China's lithium battery liquid injection to a new height of safer, non-stuck pump, maintenance-free and intelligent unmanned workshop.

Guangzhou Ascend focuses on providing a series of solutions for precise fluid injection, dispensing, spraying and pre-filling. In the field of lithium, Ascend team has been dedicated to the technology development of lithium battery fluid injection pump since 2006, from the traditional ceramic electric pump, intelligent variable pump, to the latest constant flow pump, has led the development line of lithium battery fluid injection pump technology. Guangzhou Ascend lithium products have served most of the top 30 customers in China, and exported to Japan, Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other overseas markets.

Guangzhou Ascend uphold the "professional, focus, innovation, high efficiency" core concept, adhere to the technology never ends, will continue to invest in research and development technology, and continue to lead the development of liquid injection pump technology and route, and customer growth together.

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