Guangzhou Ascend

Large Volume Battery Injection
Large volume batteries are generally used for energy storage and electric vehicles. It requires high accuracy eletrolyte injection.
The Blade Battery Injection
The blade batteries are generally used for electric vehicles. It requires high accuracy eletrolyte injection.
Digital Soft Packing Battery Injection
The injection volume of digital soft pack battery is from several grams to dozens of grams. Usually the production line requires CPK at least above 1.33.
Super-Capacitor Injection
Nowadays, immersion and injection are two methods of electrolyte dispensing. However, due to the characteristics of the electrolyte and battery materials, the electrolyte absorption is very slow when immersed and atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in recent years,
Cylindrical Cell Injection
Cylindrical cell has a higher energy density than a prismatic/pouch Li-ion cell.
Micro Heat Pipe Injection
The Era of 5G network has come, and the majority of mobile phone manufacturers have launched new 5G mobile phones. Compared with the traditional 4G mobile phone, the energy consumption and power consumption are 2.5 times of the current 4G network Phone.
If Dispensing/ stripping volume down to nl level. The production line requires consistency, accuracy, reliability, maintenance free and long life of the equipment.Dispensing volume of IVEK DS3020 and Multispense is down to 20nl. We try our best to satisfy various requirements of customer’s applications.
Prefilled syringes are mainly used in the fields of insulin, anti tumor medicine and vaccine. Prefilled syringe can simplify clinical operation, save cost. It’s convenient to use. Prefilled syringe also can avoid repeated suction and secondary pollution. Therefore, The demands of prefilled syringes increase rapidly.