Super-Capacitor Injection

Super-Capacitor Injection

Nowadays, immersion and injection are two methods of electrolyte dispensing. However, due to the characteristics of the electrolyte and battery materials, the electrolyte absorption is very slow when immersed and atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in recent years, many super-capacitor manufacturers have gradually adopted the method of vacuum injection, that is, a certain amount of vacuum treatment is performed on the vacuum-dried cells before the injection, and after the specific vacuum value is reached, the electrolyte is injected to pass the negative Pressure suction which greatly reduces the absorption time of the electrolyte and improves the production efficiency.

  Guangzhou Ascend's technical team has been focusing on the development of small volume fluid dispensing systems (μL-mL) since 2010.Guangzhou ascend launched new high vacuum injection system and provided provided customers with a batch of vacuum injection solutions (0 to -85kpa) since 2016. Now, the dispensing system can be injected in -95kpa environment with stable and accurate performance.

 System Features and Strengths:

  • High accuracy (up to 0.5%), high consistency and uniformity

  • Intelligent adjustment of injection volume;

  • Wide injection range, from μl to ml;

  • Rotary ceramic pump, fast speed and high efficiency;

  • Single-channel, dual-channel, and multi-channel optional;

  • High vacuum it can be used in -95kpa environment