FSH-DS428 automated XYZ dispensing system

FSH - DS428 is Guangzhou Ascend Company’s latest online low volume fluid dispensing system. The system incorporates industry leading USA made micro pumps with medium or large scale XYZ dispensing platform for fast and high precision automated fluid dispensing. It is an excellent system solution for glucose test strips (either carbon or gold based strip), or micro-chip production dispensing lines. 

Our system has been successfully used glucose test strips and micro-fluidics chip dispensing. Customer repeat orders, many successful projects, have made DS428 widely recognized premium low volume fluid dispensing system in biotech and medical device industry.


System Features:

Digital volume setup. Down to 20nl

High precision.Upto 0.1%CV.High yield

Single channel/multiple channels dispensing.

Special ceramic pump module. Corrosion resistant. No containation.

Typical Applications: 


Carbon test strip production

 Gold test strip production

 Micro-fluidics chip dispensing

 Low volume dispensing

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