FSH-FMI2020-AP Standard Series of Digital Control Filling /Spraying System

FSH-FMI2020-AP standard series is Guangzhou Ascend’s latest high precision fluid dispensing / glue dispensing system. The system includes a digital control box, step motor , and one to two high precision rotary ceramic pump modules driven by step motor. AP series is based on sapphire grade high precision ceramic pump technology. High precision, wearing resistant, no contamination, have made AP series ideal pump choice for low volume fluid dispensing, glue dispensing, and spraying applications for bio-tech, pharmaceutical, medical device, semi-conductor, and precision electronics industries. Free of maintenance design, excellent value, high precision and productivity, extreme reliability, have made AP series top choice for low volume, mid-range to high end dispensing and spraying applications. 

System Component


Pipe connection diagram:




System Features:

Dispensing range : from micro-liter to mini-liter

Volume : micro-liter to mini-liter. Option of sub micro-liter spraying system.

Speed: 80-300rpm.

AP pump accuracy: ±0.5%. Sapphire grade precision ceramic pump. Wearing resistant. No  contamination.

Viscosity: wide range. From low viscosity to high viscosity such as Dow-Corning 360 silicone oil.

Amortization result: Very fine and in excellent uniform. 5-50 micro-meter amortization.

Excellent consistency and reliability.

Auto clave OK. Option of fluid heating device.

Typical Applications:


Low volume fluid drug filling   

Reagent dispensing / filling 

Stent coating

Spraying for blood collection tube and prefilled syringe

Glue dispensing for LED chip / semiconductor chip

Other high precision low volume dispensing applications                 

Stent coating

Blood collection tube spraying

Spraying for other medical devices

Prefilled syringe / vial lubrication spraying

Silicone oil spraying 

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