FSH-FMI2020-P Standard Series of Large Volume Single Channel / Double Channel Fluid Injection / Filling system

FSH - FMI2020 - P  standard series of high-precision fluid dispensing / refilling system consists of a digital control box, stepper motor and one to two high precision rotary ceramic pump modules driven by step motor. The system’s flexible design allows customers for easy system integration.

The system uses industry leading high precision large volume ceramic pump modules. The module’s capacity is several times of competitors’ pumps. With much higher dispensing efficiency and increased productivity, FSH-FMI2020-P dispensing system offers best in class value and is top choice for large volume fluid dispensing. It is ideal for large volume power battery electrolyte dispensing. 





System Features:

 7”color touch screen. User friendly English / Chinese interface    

Selection of single end and double end pumps. Double end pump offers better cost-effective value.

High precision. High repeatability (accuracy of ±0.3%)

Drawback function (No fluid waste. No fluid dripping on needle)

Touch screen interface offers user friendly operation with easy understanding as well as flexibility for system integration. It can be either integrated into automated production line, or integrated with glove operated semi-automatic machine production.

Concrete system design with firm structure. Very simple operation and minimum maintenance.

Fast dispensing volume change, uses micro-meter volume change

Typical Applications:


Lithium battery electrolyte injection

Fluid drug dispensing or filling

Reagent dispensing or filling  

Spraying or coating

Silicone oil atomizing and spraying

Contact lens dispensing

Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions

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