FSH-FMI2020-BStandard Series of Single Channel / Double Channel Fluid Injection / Filling system


FSH - FMI2020 - B standard series of high-precision fluid dispensing / refilling system consists of a digital control box, stepper motor and one to two high precision rotary ceramic pump modules driven by step motor. 







System Features:

Corrosion resistance to acid or alkali fluid or chemical reaction. Compatible with most fluids.

Elastic sealing approach for fluid inlet and outlet provides more reliable sealing.

Maintenance free design. Almost zero wearing parts. Helps customers maximize machine uptime. Minimize machine downtime and maintenance cost.

Dispensing and loop operation mode. Forward and reverse direction motion mode.

Rich control interface selections. Medium / high torque motor selection.

Wearing resistant. No moving sealing O-ring (tens of millions of operation without wearing)

Ceramic pump modules can be customized per customer's requirements.

Typical Applications:


Lithium battery electrolyte injection

Fluid drug dispensing or filling

Reagent dispensing or filling

Spraying or coating

Silicone oil atomizing and spraying

Contact lens dispensing  

Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions

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