DS228Liquid Nitrogen Bead Dispensing system

DS228 is Guangzhou Ascend’s latest high precision bead dispensing system that can automatically dispense fluid into liquid nitrogen for continuous bead production. Liquid nitrogen will instantly freeze dispensed fluid into solid beads. Upon pre-programmed machine operation setup, hundreds or thou-sands of frozen solid beads will be produced and harvested from the basket and be stored in refrigerator. Proven track record and successful application stories make DS228 best choice for automatic bead production.


System Features:

 High accuratcy,high repeatablity and reliablity.

 Fast speed and hign production efficiency. 18-1500rpm/min

 Minimum bead size:1.8μL

Single channel/dual channels can be chosen.

Stainless steel workstation,suitable for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clean environment application.

Special design,easy to collect beads.

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