FSH-ZKF Serials High Vacuum Vavle

 The main function of the high vacuum valve:

1.Voltage, back pressure, prevent siphon phenomenon, provide stable pressure environment, provides the measuring accuracy of metering pump;

2. Used in lithium batteries 0 ~ - 93 kpa vacuum injection fluid environment.

3.High CPK:up tp 1.67

 Working Principle:

 The high vacuum valve realizes the action through the spring force of the built-in spring.

When the system pressure is less than the pressure, the diaphragm is blocked by the spring. When the system pressure is greater than the setting pressure, the diaphragm compresses the spring, thepipeline is unblocked, the liquid passes through the back pressure valve, which ACTS as the stabilizing pressure, the back pressure effect, prevents the siphon phenomenon, and provides the stable pressure environment.



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