FSH-LA-30/100 linear pump system

FSH-LA30/100 is Guangzhou Ascend’s latest high efficiency, high accuracy, linear motion injection pump system. With 0.3% accuracy  the system is a perfect solution for high efficiency automated injection lines and unmanned automatic manufacturing facilities.

FSH-LA system consists of a controller and one or more pump motorbases. The system can be used as independent injection equipment, or can be easily integrated with an upper level industrial PC for closed loop intelligent control injection applications. 

Working Principle:

A complete FSH-LA system consists of a digital controller with color touch screen, and a pump  motorbase with linear motor and precision pump module. The controller drives the linear motor to do smooth linear motion in order to drive the precision pump module to do linear fluid injection. The precision linear motor and precision pump module work together seamlessly to ensure smooth and accurate fluid injection. 



Specifications :


Technical Parameters:


System Features:

High efficiency.

High accuracy. 0.3% or higher

 No pump jam. No fluid leaking

 Digital closed loop control

 Real time online volume adjustment

 Linear motion. No pulse. Smooth injection

 Maintenance free design. Extremely reliable.

 Color touch screen user interface. Intuitive and easy to use.

Typical  Applications:

Lithium  battery  electrolyte  injection

Super  capacitor  electrolyte  injection

Drug / reagent  filling

Cosmetics  filling

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