FSH-CF series constant flow metering pump system

FSH-CF series is the latest pulse free high efficiency constant flow metering pump system developed by Guangzhou Ascend. The system consists of a digital controller with color touch screen interface and a pulse free constant flow pump body. FSH-CF series is a high efficiency, high precision, high reliability digital control system based on micro-meter precision machining technology. The system maintains high precision dispensing with maximum injection efficiency. FSH-CF series pump system is a perfect solution for automatic injection and filling lines as well as unmanned automatic factories. The system can be widely used in lithium battery electrolyte injection, chemical dispensing, pharmaceutical drug dispensing, liquid food dispensing, etc.   

Special Constant Flow Driving Technology

In order to maintain constant fluid flow from the system, FSH-CH pump uses a custom designed special constant flow device. The motor drives the device to complete fluid inlet and outlet dispensing cycle. The pump uses micro-meter high precision machining technology to ensure its system’s dispensing accuracy of 0.5% or better.  




System Features

High efficiency. Up to 40ml/s.

Pulse free. No pump jamming or leaking

High pressure. Up to 2MPa.

High precision. 0.5% or better.

Communication: PLC I/O; Ethernet

Drive: Step motor with closed loop control

Intuitive and easy to use.

Option of explosion proof version.


Typical Applications

Lithium battery electrolyte injection

Pharmaceutical drug filling

Chemical fluid filling

Food and beverage additions

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