FSH-EPP Explosion Proof Intelligent Injection Pump System

FSH-EPP10 is Guangzhou Ascend’s latest explosion proof intelligent digital control injection pump system. With increased safety and explosion proof standard, high efficiency, high precision up to 0.3%, and digital intelligence control, the system is a perfect solution for fluid filling applications in critical unmanned automatic manufacturing facilities with higher safety standards.

The system consists of a color touch screen controller, a servo driven explosion proof motor, and a precision lead screw pump module. It can be used for manual / semi-automatic fluid injection, or it can be easily integrated with upper level industrial PC for intelligent closed loop control for automatic production.


Working Principle

The controller controls the servo motor to drive the lead screw to do linear motion. The lead screw drives the ceramic pump module accordingly to do precision dispensing. 



System Features

CE certificate. Explosion proof.

Digital closed loop control

Precision servo drive. Accuracy of 0.3% or better

Pulse free linear motion. Stable fluid dispensing.

No pump jamming or leaking.

Maintenance free design. Extremely reliable.

Color touch screen controller. Intuitive and easy to use.

Typical Applications

Lithium battery electrolyte injection

Super capacitor electrolyte injection

Drug / reagent filling

Cosmetics filling

Other explosion proof zone fluid injection


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