Liquid Nitrogen Bead Dispensing and Packing

ADD TIME:2021-06-16 13:44:15

As one of the hottest new technologies in global IVD market, liquid nitrogen(LN2) bead technology has enjoyed fast development in the past two years. From USA, Germany, United Kingdom, and China, many overseas multinational corporations and domestic biotech companies are preparing for LN2 bead technology research and development, small scale production, and large scale production. Among overseas and domestic IVD trade shows, both reagent manufacturers and testing device manufacturers are paying more and more attention to LN2 bead technology. As multinational corporations are accelerating LN2 bead from technology development to large scale production, LN2 bead will become one of the mainstream IVD technologies in the near future.

The following chart shows typical workflow of liquid nitrogen bead production equipment.


Liquid Nitrogen Bead Dispensing

1st Generation Automatic System---DS228 Tabletop System

Guangzhou Ascend Company ( launched 1st generation automatic bead dispensing system to accelerate IVD bead technology development. With flexibility, reasonable price, perfect fit for R&D and automatic batch production, DS228 has become a very popular choice for customers in China, UK, USA, Russia, etc. 


2nd Generation Automatic System ---DS528 Large Scale System

Ascend latest launch of DS528 large scale automatic bead dispensing system helps IVD companies increase output significantly. DS528 enhances bead production technology and equipment to a new standard in terms of manufacturing productivity, safety, and automation. DS528 helps accelerate massive bead production to a new era. 


Bead Lyophilization

Many IVD customers already have different types of reliable lyophilization equipment. Lyophilization equipment is not a challenge for bead lyophilization process. Customers just need to develop and enhance lyophilization formula in order to optimize bead lyophilization result.   

Bead Packing

Lyophilized bead has many advantages, such as easy transfer, room temperature transportation and storage, and fast redissolution. But it also has some disadvantages, such as very small size, static electricity, fragile, and easy moisture absorption. All of these bring big challenge to bead packing machine design and manufacturing.

During early stage of bead R&D and batch production, volume is not very large. Usually bead customers pack beads manually in clean room. As volume increases, bead customers have to move from manual packing to automatic packing.

Current typical bead packing types are: bead plate, vial, 8-cup well, 96-cup well, etc.


In order to avoid batch variance and bead absorbing moisture, the whole batch needs to be packed the same day when the beads are removed from lyophilization machine.

Ascend has conducted comprehensive market research with IVD customers in China, USA, and UK for their bead packing requirements and preferences. Based on the market research, Guangzhou Ascend has designed bead packing system that can be used for automatic 2-50ul bead packing into bead plate, vial, or cup well. Ascend’s custom tool and process design can realize single bead precision packing while avoiding bead abrasion or fracture. While bead packing is a complete new application, different customers have different requirements. Ascend is willing to work closely with bead customers to develop a perfect custom packing solution in order to tailor customer needs.

Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Company is a high-tech company that specializes in high precision fluid control equipment and system solutions. The company has designed and manufactured a variety of LN2 bead dispensing systems and solutions to top research universities & institutes, public traded companies and industry recognized IVD companies in USA, UK, Russia, China, etc. As the technology and system leader in LN2 bead application, Guangzhou Ascend is dedicated to contribute to LN2 bead’s promising and shining future in IVD industry.