LN2 Bead Technology Leads IVD into New Future

ADD TIME:2021-06-16 14:14:32

As one of the hottest new technologies in global IVD market, liquid nitrogen(LN2) bead technology has enjoyed fast development in the past two years. From USA, Germany, United Kingdom, and China, many overseas multinational corporations and domestic biotech companies are preparing for LN2 bead technology research and development, small scale production, and large scale production. Among overseas domestic IVD trade shows, both reagent manufacturers and testing device manufacturers are paying more and more attention to LN2 bead technology. As multinational corporations are accelerating LN2 bead from technology development to large scale production, LN2 bead will become one of the mainstream IVD technologies in the near future.

Liquid reagent requires low temperature transportation and storage at high cost. In addition, liquid reagent has unstable condition and short life cycle. 

Compared to liquid reagent, LN2 solid bead made from reagent has many advantages as listed below. As future mass production drives LN2 bead cost, LN2 bead technology will definitely drive IVD instant diagnostics to a new level of explosive growth.

 LN2 bead technology advantages

· Precision test accuracy.

· Top choice for instant diagnostics

· LN2 bead room temperature transportation and storage drives down total cost.

· Bead's loose reticular structure allows fast re-dissolution.

· Maximized enzyme / protein’s activeness and lifetime.

· Wide range of applications, such as nucleic acid / PCR testing, immunoassay, environmental testing.


LN2 production process and key technology challenges. 



LN2  bead production equipment evolution 


Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Company has officially launched its latest DS528 automatic precision LN2 bead dispensing system. The system has the following unique technology advantages.

1、 Safe and automatic LN2 addition

LN2 has ultra low temperature and continuous evaporation feature. LN2 addition requires production room ventilation and equipment safety measurements to ensure operator safety.

Guangzhou Ascend DS528 includes unique automatic LN2  addition system. During production, high and low LN2 liquid level sensors will check liquid level change and trigger system to add LN2 to LN2 container to ensure sufficient LN2 supply for automatic bead production.

2、Automatic bead harvesting

DS528 has incorporated automatic robot to harvest beads from LN2  container for easy and fast bead transfer.

3、Bead packaging

Guangzhou Ascend can provide bead packaging solutions for packing beads into chain tube, vials, cards, or plates.  Custom bead packaging solutions are available for small scale to large scale automatic bead packaging.

4、Micro volume ceramic pump for precision dispensing.

DS528 uses smart ceramic pump for precision bead dispensing.  Lowest volume goes down to 0.5ul (bead OD 1mm). Bead size can be digitally adjusted. Bead size accuracy can be as high as 0.5%. Custom made dispensing tip eliminates the issue of fluid residue on tip and bead cracking issue. DS528 can produce beads of fine sphericity as well as uniform size and shape.

5、High throughput for mass production

 DS528  system production output can be as high as 20,000 beads per hour. A wide selection of dispensing channels can be selected to cover small scale to large scale bead production.

 Guangzhou Ascend also provides options of fluid temperature control device and fluid agitation device to meet individual customer’s application needs. Based on years of experience in LN2 bead technology, Guangzhou Ascend is dedicated to provide one stop & shop for LN2 bead system and solutions to global IVD customers.

 Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Company is a high-tech company that specializes in high precision fluid control equipment and system solutions. The company has designed and manufactured a variety of LN2 bead dispensing systems and solutions to top research universities & institutes, public traded companies and industry recognized  IVD companies in USA, UK, Russia, China, etc. As the technology and system leader in LN2 bead application, Guangzhou Ascend is dedicated to contribute to LN2 bead’s promising and shining future in IVD industry.