New Technology and System Solution for Silicone Oil Spraying for Prefilled Syringe

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 The pre-filled syringe, or pre-filling syringe, has the function of both storing drugs and traditional syringe. Compared with the traditional "bottle + syringe" method, the pre-filled syringe brings many advantages to pharmaceutical enterprises and clinical use. Prefilled syringe is very convenient and easy to use, more safe and reliable, and can simplify clinical operation. Hospitals and patients benefit from the faster and safer use of prefilled syringes. Prefilled syringe market grows rapidly in Europe, the United States and China. Its early stage applications were mainly focused on delivery of insulin, tumor drug and vaccine. With continuous technology development, prefilled has started to enter applications of new biotech reagent, genetic drugs, and other medium and high-end medicines.


A prefilled syringe includes a syringe, a push rod, an injection needle and a protective cap. 

 In order to ensure that the rubber piston on the push rod of the assembly can slide freely in the syringe tube, the inner wall of the syringe tube should be lubricated by spraying silicone oil in the production process of prefilled syringe assembly. If the amount of sprayed silicone oil is too small, it affects rubber piston’s smooth movement in the syringe during usage. If the silicone oil spraying volume is too much, the residual silicone oil inside the syringe may affect the quality of drug inside the syringe. Therefore, spraying minimum silicone oil with desired lubrication performance, is a common technical requirement for prefilled syringe manufacturers.


An old traditional lubrication treatment method is to dip and soak syringe needle and rubber piston into a tank of silicone oil that has been diluted with solvent. Then take the syringe out and dry it in an oven. The drying process can cause silicone oil to fall off unevenly, which causes uneven lubrication coating and poor performance. Another method is to use spraying gun to spray silicone oil into syringe. This method has thick edges, uneven coating, large particles and other issues.


In order to address the old technology’s spraying issue, Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Company Limited ( has worked with multinational corporations and components partners to develop better spraying technology and system.  Through serving major medical device companies such as BD and Weigao, Guangzhou Ascend has continued to introduce high precision micro-liter level and nano-liter level silicone oil spraying systems for prefilled syringe and other medical devices.


FSH-DS128 series is Guangzhou Ascend’s latest automatic silicone oil amortization and spraying system. The system includes a high precision ceramic pump module, a set of XYZ table, and a set of precision spraying nozzle. The complete system can spray silicone oil down to 5-50 micron droplet size. Spraying volume can go down to sub micro-liter level. FSH-DS128 system can do custom design for successful spraying high viscosity silicone oil such as Dow Corning 360. Our custom nozzle has successfully atomized silicones ranging up to 100,000cps in volumes below 1mg per spray dose.


FSH-DS128 system uses AP micro pump for fluid dispensing and volume control. The AP micro pump is based on sapphire grade ceramic pump technology with high efficiency, high precision, corrosion resistance and contamination free. AP micro pump has been widely used for dispensing, filling, and spraying applications for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Low maintenance, extremely high reliability, and high efficiency, has made AP micro pump a top choice for fluid dispensing and spraying applications.


FSH-DS128 system uses Sonicair nozzle for applications requiring a consistent and precise coating method. The Sonicair nozzle is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and there are no moving parts or valves that can compromise the effectiveness of the spray. Unlike many air nozzles that depend on time and pressure to atomize fluids, AP ceramic micro pump feeds the Sonicair nozzle. This delivers a precise volume of fluid to the nozzle, injecting it into an air stream creates an atomized field that exits the nozzle through a precision orifice. The outcome is a uniform and consistent conical or beam spray pattern. The airflow exiting the nozzle also helps to expand the spray pattern by nebulizing the spray as it travels further away from the orifice. The cone shape spraying is proved to be the most effective method of spraying the inside of a syringe.


System Features and Benefits:




• Sapphire grade high precision ceramic pump.

• Corrosion resistant. Contamination free.

• Special precision nozzle

• Micro spray. From micro-liter to nano-liter.

• Fine uniform atomization. 5-50 micron droplet size.

• High precision. CV up to 0.5%

• Low maintenance. Extremely stable and reliable.

• Track record of success, such as BD and Weigao

• Top choice for refilled syringe spraying.


Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. ( is a high-tech company that specializes in fluid control equipment and system solutions. Our company has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of precision equipment for low volume fluid dispensing, refilling, glue dispensing, and spraying applications. Our product’s high quality, high efficiency, and best value, have helped us bring more value to customers in the world.