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 Electrolyte injection is a key link in the production process of lithium batteries, and the amount of electrolyte injection has an important influence on the electrochemical performance and safety performance of lithium batteries. Therefore, the electrolyte injection pump, as the core component of the lithium battery electrolyte injection process, plays a vital role in controlling the accuracy of the electrolyte.

Guangzhou  Ascend Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangzhou Ascend") focuses on providing precision fluid solutions such as electrolyte injection, dispensing, spraying, and pre-filling. In the field of lithium batteries, the company has led the development of lithium battery injection pump technology and served most of the customers of the top 30 lithium batteries.

01Pneumatic pump to electric pump

In the early days of the development of lithium batteries in China, pneumatic pumps were used to inject lithium batteries. In 2006, the Guangzhou  Ascend team began to introduce American IVEK ceramic electric pumps for the Chinese market. Because of its high-precision, maintenance-free, and corrosion-resistant characteristics, well-known lithium battery companies in China began to adopt IVEK electric pumps. By 2014, pneumatic pumps have basically withdrawn from the Chinese lithium battery market, and IVEK ceramic electric pumps represented by Guangzhou  Ascend have become the mainstream of the market.

02 IVEK pump to Ascend pump

Beginning in 2013, with the increasing demand in the consumer market and fierce price competition, lithium battery customers have demanded more cost-effective and efficient injection pumps. Guangzhou  Ascend was the first to introduce a large-capacity electrolyte injection pump, which has improved the efficiency several times over previous electrolyte injection pumps. With a high precision of 0.1% and a more favorable price, many Chinese lithium battery companies have begun to adopt Guangzhou  Ascend ceramic electric pumps in large quantities.

03 Atmospheric pressure injection to vacuum injection

Guangzhou  Ascend electrolyte injection pump is not only widely used in normal pressure electrolyte injection, but also used in vacuum electrolyte injection. In response to market development, Guangzhou ascend took the lead in developing a high-vacuum electrolyte injection pump system in 2016, and provided customers with a vacuum electrolyte injection solution (0 to -95kpa), which can directly inject electrolyte under the vacuum degree of -95kpa, with accuracy and The CPK value continues to be accurate and stable, and has been recognized by customers, and has been put into use in batches so far.

From normal pressure injection of lithium batteries/supercapacitors, to vacuum injection, to vacuum injection of 5G mobile phone heat pipes, Guangzhou Ascend provides core vacuum injection pump technology and system solutions for many well-known Chinese lithium battery companies and 5G mobile phone heat pipe companies .

04 Mechanical electric pump to intelligent variable pump

In traditional ceramic electric pumps, the adjustment of the electrolyte injection volume depends on manual adjustment of the deflection angle, which requires repeated calibrations, resulting in waste of electrolyte. At the end of 2015, Guangzhou Ascend developed the first fully numerically controlled intelligent variable pump in the lithium battery industry through continuous research and development, and obtained a new invention and utility patent certificate, which broke the industry’s inconvenient mechanical adjustment of traditional electrolyte injection pumps and incomplete numerical control. Technical bottleneck. The intelligent variable pump realizes closed-loop control, intelligent production, reduces labor and material waste, and improves the consistency of lithium battery injection. After being introduced to the market, it is not only recognized by China's top 30 lithium batteries, but also exported to South Korea, Japan and other countries .

05 Smart variable pump to constant flow pump

As the consumer market has higher and higher requirements for the performance of lithium battery products, the battery capacity is getting larger and larger, and the requirements for electrolyte injection efficiency are getting higher and higher. Based on the intelligent variable pump technology, Guangzhou Ascend has begun to develop more advanced electrolyte injection pump technology. After research and development by the technical team, Guangzhou Ascend developed a new patented constant flow pump in 2019. This product once again breaks through the injection pump technology. electrolyte pump technology. The constant flow pump has an efficiency of up to 50ml/s, a high precision of 0.1%, linearity without pulsation, and never jams the pump. It has obtained the German TUV South Germany CE explosion-proof safety certification, thereby providing more for the global lithium battery industry Safe and reliable lithium battery injection pump.

The salient features of Guangzhou Ascend FSH-CF constant flow pump are: the first domestic explosion-proof CE certification injection pump—German TUV South Germany certification, safe and reliable; high-pressure sealing, no leakage, never jamming the pump; high efficiency, up to 50ml /s; Servo closed loop control.

At the same time, it also has constant flow metering, which is not limited by filling volume; linear injection, no pulsation; normal pressure/high pressure pump (hydraulic range 0-50bar); -10~60℃ injection; high precision, CV up to 0.1 %; Simple, easy to maintain, long-life design and other advantages, is a high-quality choice for medium, large and super large power batteries.

Guangzhou Ascend will continue to invest in technology research and development, continue to lead the electrolyte injection pump technology and development route, and grow together with customers.