FSH-DS328Liquid nitrogen freeze-dried bead ball system

ADD TIME:2019-08-28 11:19:27

FSH-DS328 is a high-precision liquid nitrogen freeze-dried bead ball system developed by Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. for the biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The system automatically points the reagent solution to liquid nitrogen accurately. The drug solution is turned into a solid pellet, and continuous production of the freeze-dried beads is carried out. After pre-programmed procedures, the DS328 can continuously produce thousands of frozen freeze-dried beads, and the operator removes the freeze-dried beads from the collection device and stores them in the freezer.

       DS328 liquid nitrogen freeze-dried bead ball system is a floor-standing system, suitable for mass production of freeze-dried bead pellets. The whole system is imported from USA IVEK imported high-precision digital control micro pump system, stainless steel workstation, 7-inch color touch screen control platform. Liquid nitrogen tank and freeze-dried bead ball collecting device. The US IVEK high-precision micro-pump has been serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device markets for nearly 40 years and has become the preferred production facility for many multinational companies and well-known biochemical/pharmaceutical companies. The DS328 system can quickly adjust the amount of freeze-dried beads and the speed of the liquid. By configuring a variety of special custom needles, high-efficiency liquid can be achieved, and the liquid does not hang, and does not blast when it is placed in liquid nitrogen. The dry bead ball has a good circular effect, uniform shape and volume, and the same size. It effectively solves the problem that the freeze-dried bead ball commonly faced by biochemical pharmaceutical customers is easy to hang or blast, the precision is not accurate, the ball formation effect is poor, and the consistency is poor. problem. The DS328 is available in a wide range of micro-ceramic pumps, ranging from as low as 1 microliter to more than tens of microliters. It is capable of continuous, continuous and stable production with up to 0.5% precision. A variety of precise point requirements.




With a wealth of industry application experience and many successful customer cases, the DS328 is the best choice for liquid nitrogen freeze-dried beads.


Features and technical advantages

• High precision (down to 0.5%), high consistency and uniformity – supported by the US IVEK imported precision micro ceramic pump system or the flying FSH-AP series precision ceramic pump system.

• Fast and productive. Pointing speed range - - - 800-200PPM.

• Automated mass production. Automated production can be done via parameter settings.

• Freeze-dried bead volume can be adjusted with a micro pump. From 1 microliter to more than tens of microliters.

• Single channel, dual channel, or multiple channels are optional.

• 7-inch color touch screen control platform. Intuitive, fast machine installation and operation.

• Unique design for quick collection of freeze-dried beads.

• Integrated liquid nitrogen tank.

• Stainless steel workstation for pharmaceutical and biotech clean environment applications.