Xīnxíng yù guàn zhuāng shì guīyóu pēntú xìtǒng jiějué fāng'àn 16/5000 New pre-filled silicone oil coating system solution

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Prefilled/prefilled syringe applications are focused on specialty medicines such as insulin, tumors and vaccines.

       The market demand for prefilled/prefilled syringes is growing rapidly, mainly because prefilled/prefilled syringes simplify clinical operations, are convenient and practical, and reduce the cost of injection for patients; avoid repeated pumping after dilution, reducing the number of times Pollution.

       The pharmaceutical market is changing, biotech therapies and the number of drug candidates that can be administered by the injection route are increasing, and they involve a wide range of therapeutic areas. Some biotech drugs require frequent injections by the patient, and prefilled/prefilled syringes eliminate some of the steps that make the use quicker and easier, and the patient benefits from the convenience of prefilled/prefilled syringes. In addition, pharmaceutical manufacturers have changed some of the drugs from lyophilized dosage forms to liquid dosage forms to facilitate loading into prefilled/prefilled syringes.

      The prefilled/prefilled syringe comprises a needle tube, a push rod, an injection needle, and a needle guard. In order to ensure that the rubber piston on the push rod of the assembly can slide freely in the inner cavity of the needle tube, in the production process of the prefilled/pre-flush syringe assembly, the inner cavity of the needle tube and the rubber piston are sprayed with silicone oil for lubrication treatment. The amount of silicone oil is too small, which affects the sliding performance of the push rod rubber piston in the inner cavity of the needle tube; the amount of silicone oil is too much, and the amount of silicone oil remaining in the inner cavity of the needle tube and the rubber affects the quality of the medicine packaged in the assembly.




There are two ways to spray silicone oil in the traditional way: 1. Pour the needle tube and rubber piston into the silicone oil tank diluted with solvent, soak it and then take it out. During the drying process, the silicone oil will fall off and the silicidation will not be uniform. Not ideal, the amount of silicone oil used is not strictly controlled. 2. Spray gun spraying, this method has thick edges, unevenness, and excessive particles.

    In order to solve the problem of traditional silicone oil spraying, the technical team of Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (www.ascendgz.com) has been focusing on the advanced spraying line of multinational companies such as BD, Schott and other well-known medical device manufacturers since 2008. The US micro-spraying technology has focused on the development of ul-class and nl-grade quantitative atomizing spray systems to provide high-precision micro-atomized spray system solutions for customers in China and Asia.

    Guangzhou Feisheng's micro-atomization spray system consists of three major components: (1) on-line spray platform; (2) FSP-AP microfluid pump system; and (3) Sonicair precision atomizing nozzle. The on-line spraying platform adopts high-precision servo drive with CCD visual inspection device to automatically detect and position. There are small, medium and large automation platforms to meet the needs of different production lines. FSP-AP micro fluid pump system adopts the industry-leading precision sapphire grade ceramic pump technology, featuring high efficiency, high precision, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pollution-free. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, medical equipment, semiconductor industry. Fluid control such as spotting, filling and atomizing spray, maintenance-free design, extreme stability and reliability, and high-efficiency production make the FSP-AP micropump system the preferred fluid for liquid-filled and atomized spray applications for mid- to high-end customers. system.

    The Sonicair atomizing nozzle is designed with special piping, made of 316 stainless steel, which is not susceptible to chemical changes and has no moving parts or valves, so the spraying effect is stable and reliable. When used with the FSP-AP microfluidic control system, the Sonicair spray device can achieve high precision, trace (lowest nl level), uniform and fast spray effect, industry-renowned prefilled/prefilled syringes, punches, drugs The stent and blood collection company have adopted our spray solution. Sonicair's atomized spray system has proven to be effective in the effective spraying of prefilled/prefilled syringes, drug holders and syringe needles, and has been widely used in the North American market in order to eliminate the immersion based silicone oil lubrication solution. Manufacturers provide the ideal technology upgrade solution.

    The FSP-AP + Sonicair atomizing fluid is very special. Unlike other gas nozzles that rely on time and pressure atomizing fluids, the Sonicair nozzle atomizing device is activated by a positive displacement fluid infusion system. The injection system completes a precise injection of fluid into the nozzle and injects fluid into the gas stream. The fluid forms an atomization field as it is ejected through the Sonicair nozzle. Different nozzle designs and specifications and process control are available to achieve the desired spray results for a consistent and continuous cone or beam spray. Conical jetting has proven to be the most efficient way to spray the inner wall of a syringe. The simultaneous flow of gas from the nozzle helps to evenly spread the fluid to the periphery. Beam-type jetting optimizes fluid penetration through the film substrate in the production of diagnostic test strips.

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System composition

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       Online spray platform                                             FSH-AP fluid pump system                       Sonicair atomizing nozzle

System Features:

● Small, medium, and large automation platforms to meet the needs of different production lines

● The platform system adopts high-precision servo drive with CCD visual inspection device for automatic detection and positioning

● High-precision ceramic pump, sapphire grade, wear-resistant, non-polluting

● Special Sonicair precision nozzle

● Micro spray, from ul to nl

● Atomization effect: fine, uniform, 5-50um fluid atomization

● High precision, up to 0.5% CV accuracy

● Maintenance-free design, extremely stable and reliable

● High efficiency, high output, bringing greater value to customers

● Successful cases, widely adopted by well-known multinational companies

● Suitable for pre-filled syringes, pre-filled syringes, and other applications requiring micro-precision spraying