FSH-DS428Blood glucose meter enzyme system

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      GuangzhouAscend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in fluid precision control systems and solutions. It integrates excellent R&D, design, production and sales. It is used in micro fluid dispensing, dispensing, dropping enzymes and irrigation. We have rich experience and application cases in loading, scribing, spraying, and process automation, and have established strategic partnerships with the US IVEK factory for pharmaceutical, biochip, bioengineering, biochemical technology, and medical treatment in China and Asia. High-tech industries such as devices, semiconductors, and new energy have successfully provided technology-leading fluid control systems, serving many well-known Chinese and American companies such as Becton & Dickinson (BD), Menicon, Flextronics, ACON, Sinocare, VivaChek, Sino Medical, and Rellia.



The team of GuangzhouAscend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been producing Chinese blood glucose meter strips for more than ten years. Our high-precision blood glucose meter enzyme system has served Hangzhou Aikang Bio and Changsha since 2006/2007. Since Nuo Bio, it has witnessed the rapid development of China's blood glucose meter enterprises, and provided a powerful enzyme technology and equipment guarantee for the blood glucose meter industry. The point enzyme system that we provide to our customers to integrate the US IVEK precision micro pump is known for its high precision, trace (from micro-upgrade to nano-upgrade), and extreme stability and reliability, whether it is Europe, North America or China. It is widely used by well-known blood glucose meter manufacturers on all continents. Accurate and reliable, it is not only the test standard for high-quality blood glucose test strips, but also the general praise of customers for our enzyme system.

    FSH-DS428 is a new desktop blood glucose meter enzyme system developed by Guangzhou Feisheng Company. It adopts the US IVEK micro-ceramic pump technology and is equipped with a large or medium-sized precision three-dimensional liquid point platform to achieve high-precision automated liquid dispensing. The test strip and the gold test strip provide customers with complete automation system solutions.

The DS428 automated point enzyme system consists of two main components:

IVEK micro ceramic pump

1. Single channel / multi-channel automatic dispensing, any channel combination

2. Adjustable liquid volume (micro-upgrade/nano upgrade optional) for independent channel control

3. Optional different ceramic pump modules for nano-upgrade or micro-upgrade

4. High precision of liquid, up to 0.1% CV, high quality

5. US IVEK precision ceramic technology, extremely stable and reliable, nearly 40 years of top-class precision ceramic processing technology, surface zero gap, no pollution, no wear after running millions of times.

DS428 three-dimensional liquid platform system

 DS428 three-dimensional liquid platform system. After the operator puts the blood glucose meter card on the DS428 platform system, the platform system will automatically implement vacuum adsorption, and the CCD will automatically detect the alignment and accurately automate the production of the enzyme. The entire system can be modified and edited to achieve various micro-pointing/filling and geometric scribing.

1. Using precision screw servo drive

2. Positioning accuracy: ±20um (XY)

3. Point enzyme card regular size: 460mm * 460mm (can be customized)

4. Vacuum adsorption device to ensure the board is flat to achieve precise liquid

10. User interface is more friendly and simple, and the operation is more convenient and quick.

11. Available in floor and desktop platform systems

12. Factory requirements: Voltage 220V, 50~60HZ, current 10A, minimum pressure 0.65MPa


typical application:

Carbon strip production

Gold strip production

Trace point