Lithium battery injection

01 Low  volume battery injection (Mini battery/ Button cell etc.)  We serve top 20 battery companies.

The lithium electrolyte has the characteristics of gas dissolution, easy crystallization and strong corrosion. If there is bubble in the electrolyte which will influence the injection accuracy or lead to liquid leakage/dripping.

The injection volume of these kind of battery is small with a range  from hundreds of milligrams to several grams.

According to different kinds of batteries and different applications, Guangzhou Ascend  provides corresponding solutions to customers.

We also provide solutions for vacuum injection, which can dispense liquid in the vacuum environment and is suitable for the vacuum injection technology.


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02 Digital soft packing battery injection (mobile phone battery;Super-Capacitor)

The injection volume of digital soft pack battery is from several grams to dozens of grams. Usually the production line requires CPK at least above 1.33.

We have abundant experience in electrolyte injection. Compared to other dispensing pump. We have following strengths:

High accuracy;High efficiency;convenient to maintenance  

Patented ceramic design to eliminate pump jamming.

Various kinds of dispensing pump optional


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03 Large volume battery injection(Large volume soft packing battery/ Large volume steel shell battery)

Large volume batteries are generally used for energy storage and electric vehicles. It requires high accuracy eletrolyte injection.

For large volume battery injection, we provides the corresponding large volume ceramics pump with vacuum injection valve, which can effectively solve problems of liquid injection in vacuum.


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04 Cylindrical cell injection

Cylindrical cell has a higher energy density than a prismatic/pouch Li-ion cell. With the characteristics of high capacity, high output voltage, good cycle charge and discharge performance, stable output voltage, Cylindrical cell is widely used in solar lamps, lawn lamps, back power supply, electric tools, toy models and so on.


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