Chemical Cleaning

When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy weldments, the oxide film and oil stain on the welding joint surface of the workpiece shall be strictly removed before welding. The removal quality directly affects the welding operation and joint quality, such as the tendency of welding porosity and mechanical properties, chemical cleaning is often used. High efficiency and stable quality of chemical cleaning is suitable for cleaning welding wire and workpieces with small size and mass production. The cleaning range should include the parts within 100 mm on both sides of the groove surface of the weldment. There are two cleaning methods: immersion method and scrubbing method. The former is applicable to smaller size weldments. Acetone, gasoline, kerosene, D40 and other organic solvents can be used to scrub the surface to remove oil.

定量清洗 透明底.png

The liquid injection port of aluminum shell battery / cylindrical battery will also be cleaned before laser welding and sealing. Generally, chemical cleaning will be carried out. In order to avoid leakage or omission to the inside of the battery during the cleaning process, DMC will be selected as the cleaning solvent, and no other impurities will be precipitated during the adding process. The amount of each addition should be consistent and not repeated or omitted.

Aiming at the problem of adding cleaning agent to the injection port of aluminum shell battery / cylindrical battery, the technical team of Guangzhou feisheng company has done a lot of testing and verification, and put forward the corresponding solutions. Special precision ceramic micro point pump is mainly used to ensure the accuracy, high efficiency and high precision of cleaning solution in the process of adding.

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